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Looking for the best LED lamps on the market today? You've found them.

Leapfrog Lighting provides specification-grade LED products for industrial, retail, and commercial applications. We've created an innovative LED lighting solution that uses Intelligent Optics to provide architectural quality illumination unrivaled in the industry.

You asked for cost effective, energy efficient, anti-glare lamps with even light distribution that gently rolls off at the edges. We delivered.

The solution to top quality LED light is in the lamp design

We think everyone should enjoy the extraordinary benefits of LED lighting: its remarkable energy efficiency, long life, and low environmental impact. But the subpar light quality emitted by so many LED lamps today is leading to slow adoption. So we set out to design a lamp that provides a pleasing, soft-edged image reminiscent of well-loved, but inefficient, halogen bulbs while maintaining all the advantages of LEDs. Our aim is to give you the confidence to choose LED lighting technology. Here’s how we do it.

We subject every bulb on the market to one of the toughest testing and inspection regimes. That’s how we know—and can guarantee—our LED lamps deliver optimum performance across six categories: total light output, color quality, energy efficiency, construction, bulb life, and price.

That’s why you can shop with confidence at Leapfrog Lighting. Whether your application is industrial, institutional, residential or commercial LED lighting, we’ve got the best LED ceiling lights and lamps at the lowest cost of ownership.